Minutes 8th November 2016


Parish Council Meeting held at The Function Room, The Bush Inn HR4 8EH
7.00pm on Tuesday 8th November 2016

Councillors: Mrs A Pendleton (Chair); Mrs I Stokes (Vice Chair); A Last and J Mackay-Lewis.

In Attendance:
M Cooper (Ward Cllr) and Mr M Hopkins (Clerk).

Members of the public: No members of the public.

1. To Accept Apologies for Absence
Cllrs Mrs S de Rohan; Mr J Gough and Mr R Grayburn.

2. To Approve the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 27th September 2016
Resolved: The Minutes were confirmed and signed by the Chair.

3. To Receive Declarations of Interests and Applications for Dispensations
Resolved: There were no Declarations of Interest or Applications for a Dispensation.

4. To Receive Brief Reports from:

4.1 Herefordshire Councillor (Cllr M Cooper)
Cllr Cooper reported that Balfour Beattie was doing an excellent job considering the constraints imposed on them.
Rogers Farm planning application is likely to be considered at the Planning Meeting scheduled to be held on Wednesday 7th December.
Post Office in Weobley is moving into the antiques shop on the corner of the High Street.
Hereford United has secured a 10 year tenancy on the Edgar Street ground.
Herefordshire Council has approved to take steps to acquire land for the Southern Link Road. This road will run from the A49 Ross Road/Rotherwas Access Road roundabout to the A465 and the B4349 Clehonger Road.
Resolved: Report noted and Cllr Cooper thanked.

4.2 Westhope Common Management Association (Cllr Mrs I Stokes)
Cllr Stokes reported that the last meeting was cancelled and the AGM is scheduled to be held on Wednesday 7th December. The Chair stated that she was impressed with the tree management and works that had been carried out.
Resolved: It was agreed that the report and minutes of the AGM would be circulated. Report noted and Cllr Stokes thanked accordingly.

5. Open Time
No items

6. To Receive the Clerks Report, General Updates and Note the Information
All updates since the meeting on 27th September 2016 are included in the Information Sheet which had been circulated.
Resolved: Reports, Updates and Information Sheet noted. A copy of Information Sheet is attached to these minutes.

7. Financial Matters

7.1 To Receive a Report from the RFO
Bank Balances as of 14th October 2016: Community Account: £3,805.73 and Business Premium Account: £980.67.

As from the 5th December 2016 the Business Premium Account would no longer attract any interest.
Resolved: Report noted and it was agreed to close the Business Premium Account and transfer the balance to the Community Account.

7.2 To Consider the following Payments

7.2.1 Payments Made since the last Meeting:
Resolved: No payments made.

7.2.2 Outstanding Payments: Birley PCC £200 (511), M&S (Internal Auditor) £30.00 (512), The Bush Inn (Room hire) 15.00 (513); RBL 1 x wreath £15.00 (514), Clerks salary (Oct/Dec) £130.10 (515) and HMRC (PAYE Oct/Dec) £32.40 (516).
Resolved: The above payments were agreed.

8. To Consider and Agree the Budget for 2017/18
The proposed budget was circulated and discussed.
Resolved – The Budget spend of £2,500.00 was agreed and approved (copy attached to these minutes).

9. To Consider and Agree the Precept for 2017/18
Resolved – It was agreed to set the Precept at £2,500.

10. Planning Matters
Planning Applications Received from Hereford Planning Department:
No applications received.

Decisions received from Hereford Planning Department
162630: Ladye Grove, Bush Bank, Herefordshire, HR4 8EN – Proposed conversion of adjoining building into ancillary living accommodation – granted with conditions
Resolved: Decision noted.

11. Highway Matters

11.1 To Receive any Issues for Parish Lengthsman Scheme
Lengthsman budget for 2016/17 is £1,044.00. Spent to date £878.50 (excl vat) leaving a balance £165.00
Resolved: No issues raised.

11.2 To Receive any Issues for Herefordshire Highways
The Upper Hill to Ivington road was breaking up in places. It was also reported that ash dieback was now in the county.
Resolved: The road problem had already been reported to the Locality Steward. Also to request that jetter cleans the gullies in Knapton Green

12. To Receive an Update on the new Website
The clerk reminded the meeting that the Parish Council now has a website which will be rolled out to include other organisations, clubs, societies etc and parish information

Website address: https://birleywithupperhill.co.uk
Clerk’s email address for public use: clerk@birleywithupperhill.co.uk

Resolved: It was agreed therefore that Cllr S de Rohan would assume responsibility for regularly updating and maintaining the website for items other than Parish Council business.

13. To Raise Items for the next Scheduled Parish Council Meeting – No Discussion
Resolved: All items referred from this meeting. .

14. To Confirm the Date of the next scheduled Parish Council Meeting
Resolved: Tuesday 7th March 2017 (date to be confirmed) at 7pm.
Venue: The Function Room, The Bush Inn HR4 8EH

Meeting concluded at 8.30pm


…………………………………….. 7th March 2017
Signature of Chair Date