Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 19th May 2015

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held in the Function Room, Bush Inn HR4 8EH
at 7.00pm on Tuesday 19th May 2015

Present: Mrs A Pendleton, (Chairman), Mrs I Stokes, Mr J Gough Mr R Grayburn and Mr A Last.

Also in Attendance: Mr M Hopkins (Clerk). Public: None.

1. Mrs A M Pendleton welcomed everyone to the Annual Parish Meeting.

2. Apologies: Mr J Mackay-Lewis and Ward Cllr M Cooper.

3. The Minutes: Minutes of the meeting on 20th May 2014 were approved.

4. Matters Arising: There were no matters arising.

5. Reports:
The Chair – Mrs A M Pendleton: outlined the main activities within the Parish during the last year and spoke briefly on the state of the roads and the excellent work of Phillip Pankhurst (Locality Steward).
She also congratulated Cllr Cooper on his re-election as Ward Councillor.
The War Memorial grant application had been successful and renovation should begin during the summer months.
Finally she thanked the Parish Councillors, the Ward Councillor and Clerk for their hard work and support during 2014/15.
A full copy of the report was circulated and a copy attached to these minutes.

Ward Cllr Mark Cooper: In his absence Cllr Cooper had forwarded an update on the planning application 150602 re the erection of a barn egg laying unit on land west of the A4110 at Knapton Green. Cllr Cooper had met with the planning officer and supported the comments of the Parish Council re potential flooding problems.
A full copy of his update attached to these minutes.

Westhope Common Management Committee: Cllr Ivy Stokes reported that trees had been pollarded and mud cleared from the cattle grids. The Jubilee Oaks have all been planted and are in good order. It was agreed that a group of the Parish Councillors would walk the commons during the summer and report back to the Parish Council in September. The next meeting is on 9th June 2015.

6. Open Discussion:
No items were raised for discussion.

There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 7.25pm.