Minutes APC 29th May 2018



Councillors are duly summoned to attend the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council to be held on Tuesday 29th May 2018 at 7.15pm in Conference Room, The Bush Inn HR4 8EH


1. To Elect a Chairman and Sign the Declaration of Interest

2. To Elect a Vice Chairman

3. To Receive Apologies for Absence

4. To Receive Declarations of Interest

5. To Approve Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 6th March 2018

6. To Appoint:
6.1 Responsible Finance Officer
6.2 A Finance Working Group
6.3 An Internal Auditor
6.4 A Representative to the Westhope Hill Management Association
6.5 A Representative to the HALC Executive
6.6 A Data Protection Liaison Officer

7. Financial Matters
7.1 To Consider the following Payments:
7.1.1 Payments Made Since Last Meeting
7.1.2 Outstanding Invoices
7.1.3 Insurance Renewal 2018/19

7.2 To Approve the Annual Governance Statement for 2017/2018
7.3 To Approve the Annual Accounts for 2017/18
7.4 To Confirm the NALC recommended 2016 Financial Regulations
7.5 To Confirm the NALC recommended 2016 Financial Risk Assessment
7.6 To Appoint an Internal Auditor for 2018/19
7.6 To Approve Payment to the Internal Auditor for 2018/19
7.7 Confirmation of Cheque Signatories for 2018/19

8. Planning Matters

9. Highway Matters

10. To Receive the Clerks Report, General Updates and Note the Information Sheet

11. To Consider adopting the following Policies recommended by the General Data Protection Regulations guidance from HALC on 4th March 2018:
11.1 Data protection Policy
11.2 Privacy Policy
11.3 Privacy Notices
11.4 Data Subject Access Policy

12. To Review the Standing Orders, Code of Conduct and Safeguarding Statement

13. To consider signing up to Herefordshire Council’s ‘Stop the Drop’ litter pledge

14. To Raise Items for the next Scheduled Parish Council Meeting [No Discussion]

15. To Confirm the Date of the Next Parish Council Meeting