Minutes Extraordinary Meeting 20th June 2016


Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting held at St Peters Church, Birley

6.00pm on Monday 20th June 2016



Cllrs Mrs A Pendleton (Chair); Mrs I Stokes (Vice Chair); Mr J Gough, Mr R Grayburn, Mr A Last and Mrs S de Rohan.

Also in attendance Mr M. Hopkins (Clerk)

Public: None

The Chair welcomed all present to the Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting.                     


1.0      To Receive Apologies for Absence                                                                               

Resolved: Cllr Mr J Mackay-Lewis


2.0      To Receive Declarations of Interests and Applications for Dispensations             

Resolved Cllrs A Last and I Stokes – Non disclosable interest re item 3.0 planning application 151983 (living in the near vicinity).


3.0      To Consider Planning Matters                                                                                       

The following amended Planning Application was considered:

            151983: Rogers Farm, Bush Bank, Herefordshire HR4 8EP –

Proposed erection of two poultry buildings, new access and conversion of building to house biomass boiler.

            Comments: The Parish Council noted the amended plans which appear to have addressed one or two of the original concerns.

However there are still grave concerns that the site is unacceptably in close proximity to many residential properties in Knapton Green and Bush Bank.  The majority of residential properties in Knapton Green are within 300m of the development with the closest being just 98m. A number of residential properties at Bush Bank are within 300m to 500m.

We understand that odour must be considered where there are ‘sensitive receptors’ i.e. residential properties located within 400m of the installation.  For this reason the Parish     Council considers that the problems of odour and also noise have not been satisfactory addressed or resolved.

The comments re a ditch being reinstated at the new entrance off the A4110 still apply.  This would help to alleviate the problem of surface water from the new entrance and adjoining land flowing onto the A4110.

Decisions/Information Received from Hereford Planning Department

            161067 Land at Bush House, Bush Bank, Hereford HR4 8PQ      

Proposed dwelling with garage and associated works – Granted with conditions.


           The meeting closed at 6.30pm


           Signed   ………………………………………            Date 27th September 2016

            Mrs A Pendleton Chair of Birley with Upper Hill Parish Council