Minutes Extraordinary Meeting 24th March 2015

Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting held at The Function Room, The Bush Inn HR4 8EH
7.00pm on Wednesday 24th March 2015

Cllrs Mrs A Pendleton (Chair); Mrs I Stokes (Vice Chair); Mr J Gough and Mr A Last.
Also in attendance Ward Cllr Mr M Cooper and Mr M. Hopkins (Clerk)
Public: One

The Chair welcomed all present to the Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting.

1.0 To Receive Apologies for Absence
Resolved: Cllr R Grayburn and Mr J Mackay-Lewis.

2.0 To Receive Declarations of Interests and Applications for Dispensations
Resolved Cllrs A Last and I Stokes – Non disclosable interest re item 3.0 planning application 150602 (living in the near vicinity).

3.0 To Consider Planning Matters
The following Planning Application was considered:
150602: Land West of A4110, Knapton Green, Herefordshire –
Proposed erection of a barn egg laying unit with associated feed bins, hardstandings and egg storage building [amended scheme of 133504F]

Comments: The Parish Council had no objections to this application. However there are three concerns that they feel need addressing before permission is granted.

1. The increase in flooding to the nearby houses and road in Knapton Green is a major concern. The land at present has standing water, in times of heavy rain, which eventually soaks into the ground. If this and other water from the site is channelled into Honeylake Brook it will no doubt exacerbate the flooding problem on the A4110 and for some of the houses in Knapton Green. The brook, in its present state, cannot take the existing water comfortably neither can the culvert under the A4110. This old culvert is in desperate need of upgrading now and certainly will not cope with any extra volumes of water.

The Parish Council commented in the previous application that they are not convinced that the attenuation ponds proposed will resolve the potential problems.

Should the application be successful the Parish Council again request that the applicant be required to carry out works to Honeylake Brook along its length to the A4110 and Knapton Green to help alleviate existing flooding plus the increased flooding to the road and local houses the buildings, in this proposed application, will generate.

Re question 12 on the application form the Parish Council do consider the proposal to be within 20 metres of a water course and will certainly increase the flood risk elsewhere. This question was answered differently on the previous application.

2. Attention is drawn to an existing footpath (KP29) which will be affected by the new access road to the proposed development.

3. The Parish Council has received further concerns from local residents who look out onto the area. Since some work has started on the access roads and site following the approval of the previous application, it has become apparent that the landscaping and screening along the access road and perimeter of the building site is and will not be adequate when viewed from the east and south i.e. the properties between Knapton Green and Bush Bank.

Decisions/Information Received from Hereford Planning Department
150283FH: Birley Hill Cottage, Bush Bank HR4 8EN – proposed 2 storey extension, erection of detached garage/store and formation of vehicular access.
Granted with conditions.

Resolved – All comments and decisions noted.

The meeting closed at 7.30pm