Minutes Extraordinary Meeting 4th August 2015

Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting held at The Function Room, The Bush Inn HR4 8EH
7.00pm on Tuesday 4th August 2015

Cllrs Mrs A Pendleton (Chair); Mrs I Stokes (Vice Chair); Mr J Gough and Mr A Last.
Also in attendance Ward Cllr Mr M Cooper and Mr M. Hopkins (Clerk)
Public: Six

The Chair welcomed all present to the Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting.

1.0 To Receive Apologies for Absence
Resolved: No apologies received.

2.0 To Receive Declarations of Interests and Applications for Dispensations
Resolved Cllrs A Last and I Stokes – Non disclosable interest re item 3.0 planning application 151983 (living in the near vicinity).

3.0 To Consider Planning Matters
The following Planning Application was considered:
151983: Rogers Farm, Bush Bank, Herefordshire HR4 8EP:
Proposed erection of two poultry buildings, new access and conversion of building to house biomass boiler.

Comments: With reference to the above planning application the Parish Council has considered the application and supports some of the concerns expressed by local residents.
The main concerns are:

Local Amenity:
The unsuitability of the development for the area in general and the potential adverse impact on neighbouring properties in particular. The site is located in relatively close proximity to local residential properties with the nearest being just 120m away and the majority of properties in Knapton Green being within 300m.

Highway Issues:
The increase in traffic movement not only from this proposed development but also from a previously granted similar planning application (105602) located on the opposite side of the A4110.
Although the access is to be located on a straight length of road with a 50mph speed limit, this stretch of road provides one of a couple of overtaking opportunities within a 14 miles stretch of the A4110. Hence vehicles can often be seen travelling two abreast, very often in excess of 50mph, when overtaking along this straight section.
The road through Knapton Green, on the north side of the access, is not sufficiently wide enough to allow two lorries to pass each other comfortably. Also this section of road is subject to a 40mph speed limit however the speeding problem cannot be addressed because the Police claim it to be ‘too dangerous’ to operate speed traps.
It is also suggested that appropriate signage should be erected at Knapton Green and Bush Bank warning of heavy goods vehicles turning both left and right.

Flooding Issues:
The main concern is the dispersal of the excess storm water running from the buildings and concrete aprons in addition to the normal water generated from the proposed development. To prevent all of this water flooding into the adjoining neighbouring properties and into the Honeylake Brook causing flooding to properties downstream, it is suggested that the water is channelled to the easterly side of the applicants land and then ditched into the brook at a point downstream of the houses in Knapton Green.
Should the new access onto the A4110 be permitted it is suggested that the existing entrance be returned to its original state and a ditch be reinstated which will help alleviate the problem of surface water from the new roadway and adjoining land flowing onto the A4110.

With the close proximity of residential properties there is almost certainly going to be an odour issue at certain times.
Environmental Agency: Appendix 4 Sector Guidance Notes – ‘care should be taken to site particularly odorous activities away from neighbours. Distance helps to dilute odours’. This guidance should be used for applicants who are in the process of planning for a new installation and there are sensitive receptors (neighbours) located within 400m of the installation.

Concern also of the noise from ventilation systems, deliveries (especially when blowers are used to unload feed from lorries to the feed hoppers) and other onsite operations.
Suggested that if planning is granted one of the conditions being that working hours, including vehicular movement, is limited to 7am to 7pm because of the close proximity of the new buildings to existing residential properties.

One final suggestion from the Parish Council is that a decision is deferred until the impact of Planning Application 105602 on the community is known. Especially with regard to traffic increase on this very busy and potentially dangerous stretch of road. Too often is heard ‘the mantra’ an accident waiting to happen’!

Decisions/Information Received from Hereford Planning Department
151456 The Croft, Knapton, Hereford HR4 8ER
Proposed conversion and alterations to an existing agricultural building to create one dwelling – Granted with conditions.

Resolved – All comments and decisions noted.

The meeting closed at 8.00pm